Terms of service

Conditions of Use www.aero-graf.com.pl

Rules for Companies. Individuals are covered by consumer law.

1 General Provisions

1.1 Online Store, available at www.aero-graf.com.pl is operated by:

AERO-GRAF Romanowski Marek
Lwówecka Street no. 23
59-850 Świeradów Zdrój
VAT ID: PL 613-155-83-61
Hereinafter referred to as the "administrator" or "provider".

2. Terms of Use

2.1 Use www.aero-graf.com.pl constitutes acceptance of these Rules and the principles contained therein, and consent to the processing of personal data pursuant to the Law on the protection and processing of personal data.

2.2 The service can be used by individuals having account with www.aero-graf.com.pl.

2.3 In order to create an account on www.aero-graf.com.pl must complete the registration form located on the website www.aero-graf.com.pl.

2.4 Customer Account may be liquidated by the administrator in the event of non-compliance with the Rules or in case of termination of cooperation with the customer.

3. Orders

3.1 Orders may be made only for customers who have an account with www.aero-graf.com.pl. Fill out and send the order form is equivalent to ordering the service. Turnaround time is counted from the date of acceptance of the data necessary to perform the contract by the service provider and the service provider posting prepaid service if ordered goods are not available at cash on delivery.

3.2 Orders to shop www.aero-graf.com.pl can be placed 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Orders accepted by the verifier for hours. 12 are implemented in a given business day, after hours. 12 on the next working day.

3.3 Standard Orders shop www.aero-graf.com.pl will be implemented in accordance with the terms assigned to individual products www.aero-graf.com.pl service. In the case of non-standard orders AERO-GRAF company reserves the right to change the date of implementation.

4. Complaints and returns

4.1Complaints can make every customer with an account on the site and executed order. Complaints can be submitted only through the website www.aero-graf.com.pl by logging into your account via the contact form or by sending an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4.2 Conditions complaint

By submitting complaints client is required to indicate login, obtained when registering on the site and the number of orders, which is advertising. Each complaint should contain an accurate description of non-compliance. Complaints no matter what kind of applications will be dealt with in no more than 14 working days from the date of notification.

4.3 Conditions for filing complaints on shipping Visible damage or partial loss of goods - Retention should be noted on the delivery immediately after receipt of the goods and draw up a damage report in the presence of the carrier. Complaints must be submitted in writing within 7 days of receipt of shipment.

4.4 In accordance with the Act of March 2, 2002 "On Protection of Consumer Rights" consumer (not companies) the right to return the goods. The money we pay by bank transfer to your bank account within 14days from withdrawal. The cost of returning goods is not refundable.

Terms, shipping, payment methods

Methods of payment:
- Payment in advance "bank transfer, e-payment, credit card payment via PayPal"

Shipments abroad are carried out by several courier GLS, TNT, DPD, FEDEX, UPS, costs are dependent on the chosen company and country of consignment.
We do not send shipments for delivery abroad.

If the goods are in our warehouse can be shipped within 24-48H.
f the merchandise is located in the central warehouse in Poland, the terms of delivery of individual producers of the film:
- Arlon 2-3 working days
- MacTac 2-4 working days
- 3M 2-4 working days
- Avery 2-4 working days
- Oracal 2-6 working days
- TeckWrap 4-6 working days
- Other Accessories 3-14 working days

In the event that the product is not in stock or Polish is a special individual request for production, it is imported from outside the Polish warehouse within 1 to 4 weeks, in which case the client is informed of the availability of goods. Packages are shipped on weekdays.

6. Final Provisions

Customer data store will be used only to fulfill orders and conduct sales statistics. Will be stored in a way that prevents access to third parties in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data Dz. At No. 133, item. 883.

Descriptions are given of harvested party card manufacturer or product specifications. Photos showing the film are for the viewing and the actual colors may vary by colors displayed on the monitor. If you are not sure of the color of the vinyl You can order the sample templates in the vinyl.

The logos and names used on this site are trademarks or registered trademarks, are the property of manufacturers and are used for informational purposes only.

Photos of products with our logo in the background are our property, it is forbidden to copy and distribute our photos. Other images were provided by the manufacturer of the product with the permission of its display.